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Osteo Yoga Flow

1 to 1 rehabilitation Yoga & Pilates


I teach 1 to 1 rehabilitation Yoga and Pilates, a combined work with a qualified and experienced osteopathevery Mon You can book by clicking on the button above.

Rehabilitation is using several types of techniques of exercising or stretching to get back on your feet after injury or chronic pain. Dipa used Yoga, Pilates and fitness supervised by a Physio and Osteopath to tailor a program for each individual. 

Post or pre medical interventions rehabilitation using exercises and movement. Mostly using pilates and physio type strengthening movement with bands or weights. 

*Location: Portland House, Bressenden Place London SW1E 5RS




Meditation and breathing

Join with me to learn to fuel your vision for the next chapter and your direction using mantra meditation. During this session we will work with breath, sound and visioning techniques in order to experientially know and feel greater depths of our potential and power to create. Working with the elements of breath, sound and visualisation, your awareness can go beyond the physical space, where you are able to do the inner work and going towards a more empowered path.

Prenatal yoga and pilates - Slow and Dynamic Yoga flow alignment based

We break down the class in two parts: one part is a strong and dynamic flow of yoga postures usually standing with a flowing sequence. The second part is a slower sequence which can be either standing or sitting in a flow as well. In the dynamic part of the class, we hold the postures for a fewer seconds and go faster in order to increase the heart rate, the idea is to warm up the muscles, the joints and blood flow in the body. The warm up is aimed at preparing you to open up further when we hold the postures for longer. Thus we are able to focus longer on the breath and the alignment of the body and the posture. Dipa really wants you to do the postures well, she will not hesitate to correct and help you improve your practice. Not one sequence is the same and we usually focus more on one part of the body each week. For example, one week we will be working on hips and another on shoulders. The benefits of this class is that you have a very experienced teacher who can help at all levels including beginners. You can practice beyond your normal yoga practice in a safe environment, Dipa is a student of Osteopathy, she understands the movement but also the anatomy and science, so be sure to be in safe hands. This class is perfect if you are a beginner or would like to deepen your practice of yoga with more alignment and precision. Dipa sometimes adds pilates to add more core exercises to the class as this is needed for yoga practitioners in order to avoid injuries or long term pain. We usually end the class with meditation or relaxation, a great way to finish and feel resourced after 1 hour of movement. This type of class is very good during and after pregnancy to gently build core and flexibility. 

Osteo Yoga Flow

We call this class Osteo Yoga Flow is a new method created by Dipa Trivedi, yoga teacher for over 10 years, and Paul Marsat, Physiotherapist and Osteopath. The class is a sequence of yoga poses combined with Osteopathy in a slow flow where poses are held for a prolonged period of time, while still making it challenging for the students. The class is led by Dipa and each student is adjusted by Paul using Osteopathic adjustment in every pose.

Osteo Yoga Flow is not just for the advanced practitioner, this method is suitable for students who want to go ‘deeper' in their practice. For each pose, students will benefit from the manual feedback received from the Osteopathic adjustment allowing them to feel the ‘correct’ alignment and direction of stretch. It is therefore accessible to everyone: fit, healthy, injured, older, younger, stiff…

Adjustments do not involve any heavy or sudden movements but are applied gently although sometimes firmly, by an experienced hand, in tune with what the tissues need. For example, in a ’seated twist’ , Paul may apply a lengthening force and a further rotation force to your ribcage allowing you to take you that little further into the pose, thereby helping you to take your practice to the next level.

Each workshop sequence is different and put together by Paul and Dipa according to an array of functional needs we require as modern human beings. We all have blockages and dysfunctions in the body created by daily life and traumas. The yoga and movement sequences taught will aim at addressing these and students should gain twofold benefits thanks to the Osteopathic adjustments. By adding an Osteopathic experience, students should be confident that the class will be delivered in a safe environment. At the end of every class, time is also taken to explain some notions of anatomy and physiology central to yoga principles. This class is suitable for pre and postnatal as you have the benefits of osteopathic hands on approach and knowledge.

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1 to 1 rehabilitation Yoga & Pilates

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